Run for Freedom 2014 - 0001

Day 1 Sunwatch Indian Village Dayton Ohio to Williamsburg Ohio
After the Flag song to start off the Keeping the Traditions Pow Wow
and a encouragement song the run started. 39 years of injustice, to read
more about Leonard Peltier click here.

Day 2 will start with what we did last night and a trip out to see the serpent mound parkRun for Freedom 2014 - 0010.We started off the morning relaxing and getting ready for the day. Everyone is in great spirits and we have added two to our group today Peggy and Katrina that makes us a total of 11. The day was hot and humid and we ended at Chief Little Turtle Statue Joined by supporters Albert and Fran. We had a nice circle and gave everyone a chance to speak. Ending with a reminder that even though we have had a great run and nice visits with friends and family The reason we came together was to bring awareness for Leonard Peltier.

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