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Day Twelve 15 miles into Frankfort 

Thè last day!!! After a wonderful night stay with our friends Tom and Laura Lee we headed for Frankfort. Our luck held and didn’t hold it didn’t hold as far as tempreture but because it got so cold instead of rain we got snow (better than rain) our spirits are high and we are enjoying each others company. We were joined by Andy and Ella from the Frankfort area and later we will be joined by Connie and all three will provide a home cooked meal for us tonight.

After a fantastic dinner we are now at the Coffee Tree in Frankfort with members of the community and members of kftc to watch a documentary called YURT and to speack about how the walk was. Thanks everyone we couldn’t do it without ya.

Day Eleven 14.8 miles

Today we head to Versailles KY we are being hosted by Tom and Lauralee. Last night Col. Bob Thompson re joined the group and planes to finish up with us. The weather was great today, sunny but I don’t think our luck is going to hold they are saying cooler and rain for our walk tomorrow. We were also joined today by Lexington kftc members Greg Capillo and Josh Penrose. We were on the news the other night and today we got a lot of support from drives. One long day left to Frankfort.

Day Nine and Ten 15 miles each

Day nine started with us saying goodbye to Sarah-Jane and Jonathan then at lunch we had to say goodbye to Angie so we were down to 13 when we walked into Winchester KY. In Winchester we were greeted by Billy and wife Linda also by Nikki after a fantastic meal that was also provided by the church we were treated to music from the band Velvet Water. over all a great night.

At 7am on the morning of the 10 day Billy showed up with breakfast and this has been a real treat becaus it is the first time that we got dinner and breakfast. Thanks again to everyone that made our stay in Winchester great. We said goodbeye to another friend this morrning who drove all the way from Pittsburg PA to support the walk thanks again Ammon. We walked into Lexington and are staying at the Lexington Friends Meeting who has supported the walk since the begining (5 years now).

Two more walking days !

Day Eight 15 Miles out from Stanton

The reason it is 15 miles out from Stanton and not to a location is because we are basically stopping in the middle of nowhere. Tomorrow we will start in the middle of nowhere and end up in Winchester. Today was unbelievably sunny and warm for February and made for a really nice walking day.

But our big surprise came last night in the way of a flag……
For the last several years one of our walkers and kftc members Russell Oliver has been asking to get a kftc flag for this walk and last night he got it. He was very surprised and honored to be able to represent his state and membership this way.

I have taken may pictures of this event and will post them all at the end so check back around the 16th for all of the images.

Day Seven Slade to Stanton 13 miles

Today started with a lot of rain, but by the time we were ready to start walking the rain had stopped but as we walked to Stanton the temperature dropped and it got windy. We have been joined today by a new walker Angie Denov and tonight we will grow again by three so we should have 13 walkers for tomorrow. Last night we heard music from one of the children of our overnight host Reuben and some good folk music from Annie Macfie and a song from Andrew Munn. And speaking of Andrew that was a special treat getting to visit with him, Katey Lauwer from the Alliance for Appalachia Greg from Lexington KFTC. It is always hard to leave Red River Gorge because our host are just so fun to be around. So until next time thanks Jonathan, Jill, Elijah, Reuben, Kilila and Pearl.

Day Six Rest Day

Day Five Campton to Slade 13 miles

Nice and sunny today, we walked our first ten miles to our lunch stop where meet by our overnight host Jonathan, Jill, Elijah, Reuben, Kalila and the newest edition to the family Pearl oh and lets not forget Lotus the dog.  Our last three miles were off the road and on trails in the new river gorge that included one of the many natural bridges that makes this national forest so beautiful. We also were treated with a dinner that the family supplied after dinner we had a bumper pool tournament with the kids and watched The Last Mountain. A all around nice night.

Day four 16 miles into Camp ton KY

Today we had a miracle. At the end of the day we were walking into Campton a car stoped to ask Russell (who was flagging) what we were doing. While he was answering the question another car pulled up and the brakes locked up the car swerved to the left Russell turned just as the car went passed him. The good news is that everyone is fine.

Day Three 15 Miles

Back at it! And today is nice it’s not warm but it’s not freezing either and the sun is out. We have 10 walkers now But more are coming in a few days. Today we are covering 15.5 miles half way to Campton. So far we have tested the water in locations that are not in watershed areas of MTR sites with the exception of the Licking River that being the highest reading we have had so far at 214 ms the lowest being 60.3 ms for more information on what these readings mean visit our friends at www.kftc.org We will have more information here on this site after the walk is completed.

Day Two

We have had to cancel the walking for today because of the weather but we are all safe and warm. See ya on the road tomorrow

Day one 13 miles

The walk has begun with snow!

We have eleven walkers and one very sweet service dog named Wilma. We finished early today because it was snowing so hard when we were going to stop for lunch we just decided to snacked and then kept moving.

Yesterday we got a treat and ended up getting an update from Rick Handshoe and the new problems that he is having. He has been forced to move from his home because the water that runs next to his house has poisoned him . His is just one of many stories of how the coal industy destroys families, lives and communities.

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