FootPrints for Peace Walk For A Sustainable Future

We want to give Rick Handshoe from KFTC a special thanks for showing us a
MTR site and also for showing us how damaging MTR mining is to the water.

Day 1
Today we walked 13 miles. We had a nice send off compliments of Kristi from KFTC of Floyd County. The weatherwas perfect today not to hot not to cold and sthe group starting off sunny and belive it or not we had a lot of waves and honks of support.
We have very limited wifi access so we might not be able to keep you all up to date as
much as we would like but please check back.

Day 2
Today we walk through Salyersville this is where we will feel the most resistancefrom
the coal compan workers and their families. I will not repeat what was said the nice
part was we got just as many nice honks and peace signes and thumbs up a reporter from
the Salyersville Independent came out and did an interview with us and it was another
beautiful day.

Days 3 & 4
So over the last 2 days we have walked a total of 31 miles and are staying for our
second night at The Good Shepherd Church in Campton KY. Yesterday it rained hard all
day it was also the Day of Solidarity for Leonard Peltier so last night we watched
Incident at Oglala. Many of the people here hadn’t seen it yet so that was good. Today
John, Kathleen and their kids went home after we walk Thanks for coming! Today was good no rain and now we are relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow, we also had a lot more waves and nice honks. Tomorrow we head into Red River Gorge.

Days 5, 6, 7 & 8
Sorry but the internet is a not as accessible where we are walking. On day 5 we walked
from Campton KY and headed for Red River Gorge we will meet our overnight host at Tunel Ridge Road and travel through the park to the cabins we will be staying at. It,s a
great break from the road and along the way we get to see Greys Arch and thats just
breath taking. The 6th day is a rest day at Red River Gorgeous Cabins. It was a good
idea to have a rest day here this year a group of us went out into the park and visited
whistling arch and sky bridge both beautiful spots we also had a visit from some
friends from WI that was nice. On the 7th day we walked out of the gorge to Stanton KY
and will be staying at Our Lady Of The Mountains Church and just like last year it
snowed as we left the gorge big thanks to Johnathan, Jill, Elija,Reuben and Kalilah for
not only a great place to stay on our rest day but for bringing us hot chi and cookies
for our break! today id day 8 and we walked 16 1/2 miles and will be staying again at
Our Lady of the Mountains. Tomorrow we head for Winchester.

Day 9
Today we are walking to Winchester KY and leaving the coal fields behind us. Two days
ago we lost 4 walkers so we are down to 6 of us left but over the next couple of days
we will be joined by more. Yesterday a guy drove past us and yelled I support what you
are doing! He pulled over in hs chevy s10 pick up and lifted the bed of the truck to
show off all the batteries that drove his fully electric pickup truck. Tomorrow we head
to Lexington.

Day 10
Today we are walking to Lexington the stretch of road between Winchester and Lexington
has been lets say an adventure, and it is freezing with the wind chill its 8 degrees.
We did have one really nice man named Scott Wilson of Scott Wilson’s Carpentry stop
today and he brought us hot chocolate and coffee that was a great show of support.

Day 11
Today we were joind by friends and family from Cincinnati Niranjan, Rachel and Angie
and also some friends from Frankfort Connie and her daughter Ella. It was cold this
morning 17 degrees but it warmed up nice. At lunch Bob came back to the walk and will
be with us till the end. Today we walked from Lexington to Versailles about 14 miles.
Last day of walking is tomorrow please come out and join us.

Day 12
After a fantastic morning in Versailles we headed for Frankfort this is our last full
walking day. Its a beautiful day cold but sunny. At lunch we had some more walkers join
us Utsumi and Denise from the Great Smokey Mountain Peace Pagoda and David German is back from Berea so after lunch our numbers grew to 11 and then at our last break a
friend of Larry’s named Don joined us so we walked in with 12 peaple. Tomorrow we will
participate in the sit in for the mountains and then join with KFTC for the
I Love Mountains Day so please join us for any or all of these events.
Please check back we will be posting more updates and photos throughout the week.

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