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Day Twelve:

LAST DAY! Sunny!  Today we started out in Versailles and will finish up 15 miles at the First Christian Church in Frankfort this afternoon.  So our mileage for the entire walk was 150 miles.  After settling at the church we joined members of the community and the congregation for dinner and a little sharing about FootPrints for Peace and our work. We all pitched in and helped clean up the dining hall and then headed out to the Coffee Tree Café where we heard from Col. Bob, Larry Crane, and a fantastic performance from John and Will Gage.

Day Eleven:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0024Well we head in to Versailles, KY today. Only another 14 miles to go to finish another year of walking through eastern KY. Last night we had a good turnout, about 30 people from the community showed up for our event. Yesterday and today are a little tough because after walking out in the country for 10 days all of the sudden you are getting blasted by the traffic and the sounds of the city. We have arrived at the house of our host Tom and Laura Lee and will be treated to a home cooked meal tonight. Frankfort here we come!

Day Ten:

The day started out at 50 degrees but  by the end of the day it was 30, foggy, and windy. This stretch of road has no shoulder and is the main road that runs between Lexington and Winchester so a lot of traffic. Tonight we will have a lot of company. Beth Howard from KFTC will update us, Molly Shea from the Beehive Design Collective will be presenting The True Cost of Coal, and the Collins Family with the Catalystica Players will perform a skit about Mountaintop Removal. We will also have the entire Crane family coming to visit and Janice Crane feeding us our meal tonight. Happy Birthday Larry! Hope to see some of your there!

Day Nine:

Today was warm but the wind was wiping us around at about 15 miles per hour. Not a Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0020whole lot of sun and we were expecting rain. This morning Sarah Jane went home at lunch. Ammon went home and after dinner Jerry will head home, but we were very happy with the arrival of Beth, long time walker and friend. Tonight we are being hosted by Billy and Linda from Winchester KY. The church we are staying at is the Emmanuel Episcopal Church and it is right on our route! The local YMCA has allowed us showers and we are settling down for a pot luck dinner with the community, and Collin Wallace, a local musician is providing entertainment.

Day Eight:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0018We were joined last night by our friends Ammon and Jerry this morning Sarah Jane came back. Now it feels like the family is back together.  For February it’s HOT some of us were down to t shirts by the end of the walk today. It is one of my favorite parts of the walksWalk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0019 nothing but rolling hills, farms and all kind of animals; the downside is we are leaving the mountains and heading into more populated areas. Four more walking days to Frankfort so come on out and join us for a day or more.

Day Seven:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0016Cold but no rain, the streets where a little on the slim side for walking but all the locals were willing to give for us. Tonight we are back at Our Lady of the Mountains a church we have always stayed at except last Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0017year when the roof collapsed under the weight of all the snow. It will be good to visit with Sister Mary Jane and her pets again. We couldn’t get in the church until 4 so we walked a few extra miles at the end of the day to cut back on tomorrow’s millage.  Sorry no pictures today will catch up tomorrow.

Day Six: Rest Day

Day Five:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0010What a great day! Sunny and warm, well warm for us Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0012compared to what we have been experiencing. Today is a short day only 10 miles on the road then we enter Red River Gorge and spend the rest of the time walking along creeks and viewing some of the most beautiful natural rock formations around. A great reminder of what we are walking for.

Day Four:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0008COLD! WINDY! The day started cloudy and around 25 degrees but as the morning went on the sun came out and brightened our day. It did get a little warmer as the day went on and stayed sunny. RussellWalk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0009 Oliver our walker from Hazard said “it was a great day because it didn’t rain, it was perfect walking weather.” Larry and Jerry arrived here in time for super and we are about to eat so I am out…….

Day Three:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0006SNOW and COLD! We headed out this morning for Campton and the Church of the Good Shepherd.  Our host tonight is Sister Susan Marie Pleiss. When I asked everyone what was special about today they said: being off the main road, the traffic Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0007was muffled by the sound of birds, creeks and rivers, a few dogs, cows, and one donkey, very reflective. We finished up around 4:00 with a few specks of blue in the skies. We heard from Larry today and he should be joining us along with Jerry tomorrow.

Day Two:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0003On our way through Salyersville KY today. We are trying to beat the rain at noon. The chance of rain goes up every hour until its 100% by 4pm. In Salyersville we were joined by the Walters Family. Mom, Dad, and threeWalk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0004 children ranging from eight to four.  I think that is the youngest person to walk with us and they covered two miles! At our nightly meeting before dinner SarahJane announced John and she would be leaving in the morning to go home. We will miss them and it takes our Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0005numbers down to 7 walkers.  After dinner we joined some GREAT local friends, Kristen and Johna, at their store in Prestonsburg, KY: Kickin’Ash.  Check them out On Face Book Kickin’Ash

Day One:

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0001The 2015 “Walk for a Sustainable Future” began yesterday in Prestonsburg, KY.  Walkers, from as far as New Jersey and from as close as Hazard, KY, convened for a tour of a “reclaimed” mountain top removal site. The site currently has been developed with a sports complex. The former mountaintop site is was flat, windy & cold and from where we stood, we could see man-made creeks. The area looked more like the tundra then Eastern KY. I want to give a shout out to Jesse Skaggs from Kentuckians from the Commonwealth (KFTC) in Prestonsburg for spending the day with us and organizing that tour.

Walk For A Sustainable Future 2015-0002Today the walk started We are starting with 9 walkers as a core group and were joined for the day by Sister Ann and Mickey McCoy. It started off cold but by lunch it had warmed up and the sun was out, Beautiful day to walk. For the most part we were warmly greeted.  The tide is changing and it’s all good. 13 miles today.  100+ to go.  Come on out and join us even if it’s for a step, a mile, the day or the whole walk.


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