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Run For Freedom Day Five
Ash Cave to Seip Mound
The day ended early and for the first time we have to camp. Lucky for us we finished early too because not soon after we put up our tents and were set it rained. Tomorrow is our last running day and we are all feeling it. Afternoon naps in sauna like tents or wet picnic benches all around. I decided to stay up and work on the update. This is our 18th year of organizing a Run For Freedom and our 19th event. Leonard Peltier has been in prison for 37 years now for a crime I and many other people in this world believe he did not commit, and even more believe at the bare minimum he didn’t get a fair trial. He is another horrible example of how our government treat’s the indigenous population and of how it never wants to admit when it’s wrong. When will we as human beings decide to stand up together no matter what faith or race and demand better?

That something better starts with freedom for Leonard Peltier and all Prisoners Of Conscience.

Run For Freedom Day Four

Many thoughts cross my mind during my running, sometimes from one extreme to the next or subtle and meaningless. Here’s some from the other mornings….
The story of a ray of sunlight in the silence of the morning road
I am moving down the road like a refugee
The feel of my feet will reconcile the difference of which road to take
Darkly visible where skin-deep miracles of surface
How it found a beat-up coin for me to take
I have my shadow , the places where I have been have not kept it
How swift I forget as my own
Imperialism and the origin of american culture
And how I will learn that all the same things are really not the same
And what is invisible stays that way
If death obeyed me you would sing how much love you have
Confident anyone you meet would understand
About life being both cruel and beautiful
Avoid things that die easily and get my own soul ready to die well
Because all things write their own stories no matter how humble
Will no one tell me what she sung…?
I lay them down under a Juniper Tree and move on.

Run For Freedom Day Three
Today went well. We got an early start so most of our running/biking was finished before it got too hot. We made it to Horseshoe Mound in Portsmouth by noon and are now resting at the lovely home of our friends Eric and Lorry and Tristan. They have supported us many times in the past for which we are forever grateful, plus they do amazing work to make the world a better place.
Today during my run I thought a lot about why we run/walk/ride. A long time ago I absorbed the spiritual side of why we do this: it is indeed a prayer in support of the issue we are working on with each event. This event, Run For Freedom, is to support prisoners of conscience. Initially Leonard Peltier was the focus and he still is, but we include all POC’s that they may stay strong and continue to adhere to the principles that landed them in prison in the first place. All of our events have an additional spiritual side for me that it is cleansing for the earth and for ourselves as we pass along the road under our own power, just like a river that naturally cleanses itself as it flows over the earth. I often feel the intensity of this spiritual work while I am out on the road. Today what occurred to me was how this spiritual work must be accompanied with practical work. I need to make sure that my material world is in alignment with my spiritual world in order to have integrity. My spirit compels me to help build a sustainable future, to help build resistance to US imperialism, to help build community, to treat others with respect and dignity, to love my partner, family, and friends with every ounce of my soul. I pray that my life reflects my ideals and I am grateful to Jim and Ammon on this event and other comrades in my life who model a consistent life. JB

Day Two Run for Freedom
Sister Megan Rice Prisoner of conscience
Fort Ancient to Serpent Mound
We started around 5:00 am 80% Chance of Rain and it looked it but
the clouds moved all around us all day. By mid morning the sun was
out and HOT, we finished up around 11:30 at Serpent Mound a place
we have finished this event many of times before. Tonight we
will be staying at our good friends house Delza Smith and Peggy Fath.
Thanks Delza and Peggy and thanks to all the people who are out there
thinking about us. JT

The Run for Freedom Day One:
Sun Watch Indian Village to Fort Ancient
We started out this morning at 8:30 am at Sun Watch just outside of Dayton Ohio and headed south east the morning was nice but warmed up quick. We had one problem today and that was a bridge washed out and the detour around the bridge was under water. The Little Miami Bike Trail was open so we continued on the route but the support vehicle had to go around. We arrived at Fort Ancient around 12:30 and finished up for the day. JT

One day down and five to go on The Run for Freedom, first day went well for us (only three of us), Jon, Jim and I. Yeah, really felt good to be running again, hip is in good shape enough to add a little more miles for tomorrow…. AR

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