Friday February 19th

Had a really good time with some of the folks from the Lexington Friends Meeting last night. Thanks for the great meal.

February 20th

A great day to walk none of us can get over how warm it is shorts in February! Unheard of! We finished our walk today in Versailles KY at Tom and Laura Lee’s house where as always we are treated to a home cooked meal, great desert an as always they make us feel like we are home.

February 21st 

RAIN! Yes it couldn’t be perfect. We started out of Versailles this morning with a lot of rain but by the time we hit our lunch spot it had stopped, and it is still really warm for February so we are thankful. We are finished now and waiting for some local friends that are going to join us for dinner. Just want to say Thank You to everyone we have meet along the way and have taken such good care of us over the past eight years.

Tonight in Frankfort KY we will have a evening of entertainment and education about mountaintop removal and its effects on the communities starting at 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe.