Ride For Freedom 2018


Dates and overnights are now available for this:

May 27: Cincinnati OH to Richmond IN 52 miles
May 28: Richmond IN to Muncie IN 42 miles
May 29: Muncie IN to North Grove IN 50.2 miles
May 30: North Grove IN to Richland Center IN 47 miles
May 31: Richland Center IN to Wheatfield IN 46.4 miles
June 1: Wheatfield IN to Lansing IL 48.5 miles
June 2: Lansing IL to Joliet IL 35.3 miles
June 3: Rest Day
June 4: Joliet IL to Ottawa IL 47.3 miles
June 5: Ottawa IL to Hennepin Canal State Park IL 53.7 miles
June 6: Hennepin Canal State Park IL to Davenport IA 53.1 miles
June 7: Davenport IA to Iowa City IA 58.5 miles
June 8: Iowa City IA to Ladora IA 37.1 miles
June 9: Ladora IA to Newton IA 46.7 miles
June 10: Newton IA to Des Moines IA 42.7 miles
June 11: Rest Day
June 12: Des Moines IA to Ames IA 38.6 miles
June 13: Ames IA to Carroll IA 65.3 miles
June 14: Carroll IA to Ida Grove IA 45.8 miles
June 15: Ida Grove IA to Sioux City IA 58 miles
June 16: Sioux City IA to Yankton SD 64.2 miles
June 17: Yankton SD to Dante SD 46.8 miles
June 18: Dante SD to Pickstown SD 20.7 miles
June 19: Rest Day
June 20: Pickstown SD to Burke SD 46.9 miles
June 21: Burke SD to Winner SD 43.6 miles
June 22: Winner SD to Mission SD 42.6 miles
June 23: Mission SD to Vetal SD 40.5 miles
June 24: Vetal SD to The Wounded Knee Memorial 53.1 miles
June 25: The Wounded Knee Memorial to the Oglala Commemoration 45.5 miles
June 26th: Oglala Commemoration

What you need to know to participate in the Ride for Freedom:
The Cycling events are very different then our walking and running events.

These are the things you should be prepared for:

Most important all riders have to be ready to carry all of their gear, we do not have vehicles with us so what you need, you need to be able to carry.

We will be camping and sleeping on floors in supporters homes, churches and community centers

The normal $5 to $10 dollar a day donation from the participants is waived. The reason is because each cyclist is responsible for their own meals on the days we are not being feed by the community; repairs that might need to be done to their bikes along the way, we do not have a support vehicle so no gas is needed and on the nights that we need to pay for camping we can all pitch in.

Things we recommend you will want to be able to carry:
*Sleeping Bag
*Bed Roll
*Two Water Bottles
*Inner Tubes
*Bicycle Tools
*Hand Air Pump
*Travel Dishes
*Tooth Paste and Brush
*Comb or Brush
Any other personal items you might need
For more information or questions email or call:
Jim Toren
Email: jim@footprintsforpeace.org
Phone: 1-513-403-2765
Jon Blickenstaff:
Email: jon@footprintsforpeace.org
Phone: 1-513-766-6121