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Day Two

Last night we had a great visit via Skype with Peter Clark who is with the Leonard Peltier Defence Offence Commitee (LPDOC) and I think it re-energized the group for the run today. It was another perfect day for us as we ran down state Highway 32 on our way to Serpent Mound. We all arrived at the park around the same time we had our closing circle and all of us shared a little bit about our experiance that we are
having now and over the last sixteen years of doing this run. With any luck next year it will be the Run for Freedom for all prisoners of conscience and Leonard will be home with his family.

Day One

We started out today at Chief Little Turtle Statue in Covington KY and after navigating our way through Cinncinati we were heading east towardsWilliamsburg OH. We will travel by foot a total of 31 miles today for Leonard Peltier and all prisoners of conscience. We picked a great weekend to do the event it is sunny and cool today I think the high today was only 72 degrees. We have 9 runners, walkers and one ciclyst with us four members of the group are teenagers 16, two at 15 and one
13 year old and they did great today. We arrived at our overnight around 1:00pm. we will rest for now then after dinner tonight we will be Skyping with Peter Clark from the LPDOC to learn about the current campain to gain freedom for Leonard Peltier.

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