Bikes not Bombs

Day 6 & 7

Well we made it through day 5 it was rough it ended up being 76 mountainous miles and we were really worn out.

Today is day 6 and it is a 20 mile day and it is Pine Mountain day. Pine mountain is the second highest peek in KY and the longest of the mountain ranges, 3000 feet to the top. It took us just under 2 hours to get to the top and about 10 minutes to get down the other side but while we were on top we took some time to eat a snack and drink a lot of water and to take a little time to think about how beautiful the mountains are and how terrible it would be not to protect them and save them for future generations. Another devastating effect of mountaintop removal is the effect of the ground water that the people in the valley’s have to live with. Were we stayed the night we could not drink the water and the people that we stayed with have to drive 30 miles round trip to get safe drinking water. That doesn’t mean they are not effected buy that water. We bathed in water that looked like someone poured milk into it and it didn’t just run through the pipes it spit through them and in between came

me thane gas. But these are beautiful people that opened their home and feed us and gave us a place to rest and we want to say thanks.

Day 7 was a breeze 42 miles felt like it was downhill all the way. We did get caught in another thunderstorm but unlike the last one this time us and everything we own got wet. Tonight we are staying at the Holy Trinity church in Harlan KY and we are being treated with a pizza dinner from our host Marjorie and Joe Grieshop.

Day 4 & 5

Day four took us for a 71 mile day a very long 71 miles. We had a great overnight with Nancy and tonight we are staying with Kristi and Johna with KFTC and had a nice visit from Rick Hanshoe. We had a nice dinner out on their big back porch and listen to everyone give us updates on what is happening in Floyd county. I will post more information when I return home. Just know for now we are 31 miles in with another 42 to go and doing good.

Day Three

Portsmouth Ohio to Catlettsburg Kentucky 39 miles

So we got up this morning we said goodbbye this morning to Tim but before he left he helped out buy giving us all the gear we needed like a new tire and some repair kits and inner tubes. Big thanks to Tim hope we see ya on the 5th.

Last night we stayed at Saint Mary’s in portsmouth and they set up and really nice overnight for us and Eric, Lorry and Tristen b
rought us dinner.

We crossed over the Ohio river into Kentucky our destination is 39 miles from here and compaired to yesterday should be a breeze and it was. We finished the first 25 miles before lunch and were pulling up to our overnight at 3pm. Nancy greeted us and as always has a bed and a great meal already ready for us. tonight we relax and prepare for our 68 mile ride tomorrow.

Day One and Two

Day one had three different routes depending on where you live but on destination Winchester Ohio. The longest distance being 57 miles shortest being about 26, three of the four of us got there at a good time Jim descovered that his old panyards did not fit his new biks sohe spent half of the day frantically looking for new ones. finally we were all together and in time for dinner. Our overnight host is Jim’s cousin David and his family came out to support us.

Day two Winchester to Portsmouth today is a 65 mile day today has been quite the challenge we have been through 1 tire and 7 inner tubes we did have some luck brother Doug and his wife Kathy and daughter Amelia just happen to be driving by when two of us got flats. That was a great help we got back out on the road and are finally eating our lunch at 5:30pm. sorry to keep this short will write more later and post some pictures if we have internet tonight. For now we have 11 more to go before we can stop.

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