Bikes not Bombs

Day 7 Knoxville TN to Oak Ridge TN

Today was only a 25 mile day but without a doubt the longest.

It started at 4 am with a little breakfast and a quick packing then on our way. The first part of our ride was in the dark so it was cool and no traffic to speak of the downside was I didn’t see the pot hole that caused my last flat for the trip.

The 25 went quick and we joined in the Names and Remembrance Ceremony at the Y12 plant. After that we traveled over to Bissell Park where everyone was gathering to participate in the March for Abolition that took us past the peace bell in the park and finished back at the Y12 plant. We spent the rest of the time at the plant hanging peace cranes on the fence that some 5th graders from Michigan made for this part of the event. We finished with a closing circle and said our goodbyes.

And I will end this the same way Ralph ended the circle. “go in peace”

Day 6 Lake City TN to Knoxville TN

Today was a great start it was cool and there was a nice canopy following along the Clinch River. Thanks Boomer, We arrived in Knoxville right in time to meet up with the Zombie crew who were protesting against the Bellefonte nuclear power plant in AL the reason for the zombies is the power plant is dead and the TVA wants to restore it. The event was organized by United Mountain Defenses and you can check out the work they are doing at visiting their web site at:

We arrived at our overnights around six and were greeted by Larry, Ammon and our host Ralph and Emma. Ralph and Emma had to leave right away to go make peace lanterns that will be used on the 9th to remember Nagasaki.

Ralph had already made some fine sauce for the pasta that Ammon and Larry made and we sat down and had a fine dinner.

Day 5 Williamsburg KY to Lake City TN

I am going to keep this short because I am behind tonight we are staying with Boomer who used to work for SOCM really nice overnight and we got to meet with some of the locals because he was having a BBQ for his geology group.

Day 4 Mt. Vernon KY to Williamsburg KY

Today we covered 60 plus miles and experienced all kinds of weather cool, rain, thunder storms and sunny.

We all heard about how bad 25 south between Georgetown KY and Lexington was. All I can say is they have never rode a bike between Corbin KY and London KY.

We took full advantage of the cool weather and instead of stopping in Corbin KY we decided to go all the way to Williamsburg. We are feeling good and strong

Day 3 Lexington KY To Mt. Vernon KY

All I got today is 97 degrees and……… MOUNTAINS!!!!!

We rode 55 miles today, we stoped at a little community called Renfro Valley it is located in the MT Vernon area. And Delza suffered the second flat tire.

Day 2 Crittenden KY to Lexington KY

The slogan for today is there are no free down hills in Kentucky.

Lots of ups and downs and really, really hot did I say it was hot? Anyway we made it to Lexington 48 miles and were greeted by Todd Kelly from Kelly Nursery and a strong supporter of all of FootPrints events. Big thanks to the Lexington Friends Meeting House for letting us overnight with them again and to Larry who took us out for dinner. Need rest more later.

Day 1 Cincinnati OH to Crittenden KY

That’s how far it would have been if we would have stopped in Crittenden but we went on to Dry Ridge adding another 9 miles to the ride making our total for the day 58 miles.

If you live in the Erlanger KY the Erlanger Journal stopped us today to take pictures and get a story for Thursday’s edition.

Jim suffered the first flat tire but after last year we all had spares with us. Terry Stagman found us on the route with some cold power aid zeros and cold water just in time it was at least 95 degrees out today HOT. Also we would like to thank Terry and Mary Beth for their donation tonight we sleep in comfort.

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