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Walk For A Sustainable Future 2014-0072Day Twelve we gathered at the Kentucky river in Frankfort with members of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth to March on the capitol and demand a Brighter and Sustainable Future. Thanks to everyone who made the walk possible and who supported us along the way.



Walk For A Sustainable Future 0020Day eleven and we are heading into Frankfort, it has to be the coldest day we have had on the walk when we started it was 4 degrees and by lunch it was a balmy 7 degrees. The Starbucks in Frankfort allowed us once again to bring all our food in and warm up and relax a little. The afternoon was rough nowhere to walk really no space on the street and the sidewalk was buried under snow and ice so it was slow going.

We made it!

Tonight we are being treated by Connie, Andy and Ella they are bringing us dinner and a movie will be shown at the Coffee Tree Cafe. Now is time for rest tomorrow we will join with members of KFTC to march on the capitol and demand a sustainable future.

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Day ten we are heading to Versailles it snowed overnight and with all the snow they had earlier in the week it made walking really treacherous today at least until we got out of town. around lunch time we ducked into our normal rest stop for lunch a little mexican restaurant half way between Lexington and Versailles they always take really good care of us and Jane came with her famous sweet potato stew. Tonight we are staying with Tom and Laurel Lee who as always made us a feast in their beautiful house. One more Day to Frankfort. And as always we try to have a little fun in the process.

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Day nine finds us in Lexington! Wow only two more walking days! Beth joins us today but we loose Jerry and Sarah Jane. Tonight was a great time we were Joined by Larry’s Family Eli, Sarah, Will, Beth, Janice, Eileen, Dog & Mel and we were treated to a fantastic feast. Special thanks to Tom and Temple Adath Israel for giving us a place to spend the night.

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Day eight brought snow not much but all day today we walked into Winchester and we had a 13 mile day today with a lot of traffic. The DQ in Winchester let us bring our lunch inside and get in out of the cold to eat our lunch. The YMCA opened their doors again for us so we could have a sauna and showers. Billy, Linda & Nikki brought us more food. We also had another special guest Tiffany and Cooley gave us a stick show some with fire. Over all a really nice evening thanks to everyone in Winchester that helped out Hickman Street Grocery, Little Caesars Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Cantuckee Diner, Gaunce’s Deli & Cafe, Franks Donuts the YMCA and the First Church Of God.

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We walked out of the Mountains today which is always a little sad. But we were joined last night by Sister Denise and Brother Utsumi we also said goodby to the Hicks Family Thanks again for your continued support! Today is our longest day 16 miles. In Clay City the local dinner Classy Classics wanted to thank us for walking so we took a break from the cold and had some hot chocolate. Tonight we are staying in Winchester at the First Church of God. Our host Billy, Linda and Nikki as always have worked really hard to make our stay here fantastic. We have also been joined by two more friends Sarah Jane from Louisville and Jerry from Cincinnati that plan on walking with us for the weekend.

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Day seven and we are off to Stanton KY it’s cold today 16 to start out. Pretty quite on the stopped for lunch at the Shiloh United Methodist Church today and was greeted by Pastor Brandon Candee and his two children who offered us a warm place in their road today but tomorrow I am sure the traffic will start picking up. We youth center to have lunch and also offered a cup of hot coffee. It was very nice and just wanted to say Thanks!

Day six was a rest day we tried to go and visit one of the arches here at the park but after moving two downed trees (They were downed because of the ice storm the night before) the third tree stopped us in our tracks. The rest of the day was just spent doing the normal things going to the store and relaxing.

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Day five we leave Campton behind and head into the Natural Bridge Park. We spend half of our day walking on the road and then after lunch we are joined by half of our overnight host Johnathan, Elijah & Kalila who give us a guided tour of part of the park. Now we are set up in our cabins tomorrow is a rest day and by the sounds of the local weather report we couldn’t have picked a better day because they are expecting an ice storm overnight. See ya on the road in a couple of days……….

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Day four SNOW! Well it wouldn’t be a February walk with out a little snow. It moved in overnight and we got about 2 inches. One of our walkers Sarah Jane had to go back home today work was calling but she will return at the end of the walk.  Relatively quite today a lot of people were snowed in and we are moving out of the coal fields and into the National park area of Red River Gorge.


Day three was quite and rainey. We packed up and moved out of Mt Tabor this morning and headed for Campton KY. A local woman stopped right at the end with a sign in her back window that said We Heart Coal Coal Haters Go Home! And after yesterday we thought here comes another confrontation but instead we invited her into our circle to have a conversation about why we are walking. It ended very well with us agreeing that we may not agree about Mountaintop Removal Mining but we did agree on needing a sustainable future for Kentucky

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Day two of walking and it was warm 71 today beautiful day to walk but we walked through Salyersville KY and that is always a challenge. It always comes

with highs and lows. A lot of colorful language is involved but we take it for what it is and keep moving forward towards a Sustainable Future. After all it isn’t all bad just as many people honk and wave and give thumbs up one guy said as he passed by we sure could use a sustainable economy here thank you and that makes it all worth it.

We have started!!!!

Yesterday we started with a tour of an active mountaintop removal site organized by Walk For A Sustainable Future 0002Sister Kathleen from Mt Tabor and Jessie from Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. When we pulled up to the site there were many trucks and with the thoughts of what just happened on the elk river in West Virginia this is what the water looked like flowing out of the mine site.


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Day one of the walk cold and sunny we started walking from The Mountain Arts Museum at 9 am there are 11 walkers from all over the world as far away as Okinawa and some as close as Hazard KY with one common goal to walk for a sustainable future. It’s a good group of walkers and we will be joined throughout the week by more. Today we encountered quite a bit of support from the community including the mayor of Paintsville who said he couldn’t agree with our wanting to stop mountaintop removal mining but did agree with our sustainable future message and thanked us for walking.

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